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Introducing the Gen6 Fire Detection Range

  • Uses photoelectric smoke detection.
  • Operates in three selectable logic modes: Normal, Enhanced and MX Fastlogic.
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  • Uses a heat-sensing element to produce an output proportional to temperature, then uses rate of rise and fixed temperature algorithms to interpret returned values.
  • Indicates whether the temperature (or rate of rise of temperature) is above a safe threshold.
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  • Uses both photoelectric smoke and heat detection.
  • Also operates in three selectable logic modes: Normal, Enhanced and MX Fastlogic.
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Smoke or Steam? Experience Reliable Fire Detection Without Those Pesky Nuisance Alarms.

If you work in the hospitality industry, you know what a nuisance false fire alarms can be. Thankfully, the Gen6 fire detection range is one of the most intelligent systems on the market.

Its range of sensors monitor smoke, heat and smoke/heat in concert, accurately determining the presence of fire. The detectors do not respond to steam – making them extremely versatile and applicable to all industry settings (especially commercial kitchens and hotel rooms).

Each Gen6 fire detector also features a redesigned smoke chamber, improved insect screen and advanced tropicalisation. Now, that’s a way to save more time and money than ever.

Compatibility & Connectivity

Gen6 products work with our VIGILANT MX1 Network panels (and associated peripheries). The powerful combination offers the most effortless and comprehensive fire detection solution. It facilitates seamless integration and operation, and enables you to control various sites and systems from the one location.

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Forward & Backward

The Gen6 range is ‘backward and forward’ compatible. So whether your fire detection system is several years old, or you wish to upgrade in the future, you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with overhauling what you’ve got. Simply install our Gen6 fire detectors anytime – and rest assured it will remain a valuable long-term investment.


Better yet, the Gen6 range is entirely non-proprietary. You may enjoy the freedom to choose any trained technician to service your Tyco fire detection products. Unlike proprietary products, you are not limited to only dealing with the manufacturer.

You’re welcome. It’s all part of our promise to provide customers with ultimate flexibility and value.

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Choose Your Colour

Our intelligent Gen6 range – available in all PANTONE colours – sets a new standard and style in fire detection. So whether you’re looking to create a spectacular effect, or find a colour that seamlessly fits with your interiors, you can relax knowing you’ve got the freedom of choice.

Here are few selections for your viewing pleasure.

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Actual Detector Colour