Technical Support

We’re here to make reliable fire detection easy. So whether you have questions about our products or require help programming post-installation, Tyco offers an on-the-spot technical support hotline you can rely on.

Our team of expert-trained technicians can be contacted during business hours by calling:

Australia: 1300 552 559 (toll free)
New Zealand: +64 (0)3 389 5096

Dedicated Training & Resources

Upon purchasing any products from the Gen6 range, you will receive hands-on guidance and resources from our dedicated training department. This includes a 850EMT User Manual to assist with easy programming.

If you have misplaced your copy, you may download another copy of the 850MT User Manual here.

For other resources related to operating, installing, and programming Tyco fire products (as well as tools, software, and support), please contact our technical support hotline listed above.

Customer Service

For all other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us via:


1300 725 688 (toll free) or

New Zealand

027 8388 827 or